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Must-Have Skills in the Field of Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​Security is an activity to secure software/applications / even organizations or companies from cyber crimes. Become an expert in the field of cyber security requires several qualified skills. The following skills are needed to become an expert in the field of cyber security:

Hard Skills :

1. Programming

A basic understanding of programming languages ​​is very important for every cyber security expert. Programming languages ​​such as C , C ++ , PHP , Java , and others can help an expert in the field of cyber security understand the backend of a system.

2. Intrusion Detection

Nowadays every system is vulnerable to hacking. Therefore a cyber security expert is required to have the ability to detect intrusions or threats. With the ability to detect this intrusion, a cyber security expert can detect activities that have the potential to harm the system before an attack occurs.

3. Risk Analysis and Mitigation

A cyber security expert is required to be able to identify existing threats. Therefore, skill analysis and risk mitigation is one of the skills that must be possessed by cyber security experts. Digital risk mitigation refers to the policies and processes created by companies to prevent incidents of data and security breaches, as well as limiting the level of damage in the event of an attack on a system. There are 3 mitigation components, namely:

  • Threat Prevention
  • Threat Identification
  • Threat Remedy

4. Cloud Security

A cyber security expert is required to have cloud security skills. Given that many companies are starting to use cloud-based services. This cloud-based service is known to be vulnerable to cyber security risks such as data theft to account hacking. Therefore, this cloud security skill is really needed so that the data stored by the company can be maintained.

5. Malware Analysis

Malware threats are one of the biggest cyberthreats today. Therefore malware analysis skills are needed. By having these skills, a cyber security expert is expected to be able to recover the system quickly after the occurrence of the malware threat. Apart from that, it can also provide training to other employees so they don’t easily believe suspicious messages. Because this malware can enter via messages such as email.

6. Encryption

This encryption skill is the ability to be able to encrypt data, so that hackers cannot steal data without the encryption key. This is the final step in the worst case scenario for a company when the security team fails to detect the threat head-on. Because cyberattacks are very common and even more difficult to identify and prevent.

Soft Skills :

  • Problem solving ability
  • Attention or scrupulous attention to every detail
  • Ability to communicate
  • The desire to continue learning
  • Analytical capabilities

That’s all the information about the skills that must be possessed to become an expert in the field of cyber security. Hope it is useful …


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