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Must-Have Skills in the Field of Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​Security is an activity to secure software/applications / even organizations or companies from cyber crimes. Become an expert in the field of cyber security requires several qualified skills. The following skills are needed to become an expert in the field of cyber security: Hard Skills : 1. Programming A basic understanding of programming languages ​​is very important for every …

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Clickjacking Overview

Clickjacking was first discovered in 2008 by Jeremiah Grossman and Robert Hansen. Clickjacking is a technique used to trick users into clicking a hyperlink unknowingly on a menu (hyperlink) on a website. This technique uses an iframe as the layer, and there are buttons that are set to be invisible so that the user is deceived and it looks as …

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5 OS Recommended for Cyber Security

OS or Operating System is a very important element in our devices. Operating System is one of the reasons why we can easily use every feature and application we have on our respective devices. To become a great Cyber ​​Security Engineer, of course, we also have to understand several OS made specifically to meet the many needs of a Cyber …

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