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5 OS Recommended for Cyber Security

OS or Operating System is a very important element in our devices. Operating System is one of the reasons why we can easily use every feature and application we have on our respective devices. To become a great Cyber ​​Security Engineer, of course, we also have to understand several OS made specifically to meet the many needs of a Cyber ​​Security Engineer

As Cyber ​​Security Engineer, we must know very well what Linux is and how to use it. Linux is not an OS but only a kernel. A kernel can be interpreted as a core that runs an OS. Like a motorbike, the kernel can be likened to the engine, not the body and other parts of the motorbike. So everyone can modify Linux according to each field’s wishes and needs. Plus, Linux is an Open Source operating system (open in general), where Linux can be made with any version, appearance, and needs, including hacking. But even though the appearance of Linux can vary, the Linux version will still run on the same 1 kernel/machine.

Now I will recommend 5 OS or Linux Distributions (Distros) that friends can use to learn to become a Cyber ​​Security Engineer.

Five (5) of the Linux distributions are:

  1. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions today. Kali Linux is a continuation of one of the Linux distros that used to be a mainstay for hacking, namely, Backtrack Linux. Kali Linux is known as one of the complete Linux distros for all the needs of a Cyber ​​Security Engineer.
First Release : March 13, 2013
Developer : Offensive Security
Superiority :
Pre-installed hacking and penetration testing tools
It can run on 32-bit and 64 bit
Full disk encryption aims to secure data using encryption so that our data remains safe even though our computer is in trouble
It has a forensic mode that allows us to do private forensics
It is a Linux distro with the largest community
   2. Parrot OS

Parrot OS is one of the best alternatives to Kali Linux. Parrot OS is also a Linux distro with many hacking tools like Kali Linux. Parrot OS has many versions according to your needs, which friends can see on the official website of Parrot OS. 
First Release : April 10, 2013 
Developer : Lorenzo “Palinuro” Faletra, Parrot Dev Team 
Lighter than Kali Linux Has more non-hacking applications compared to Kali Linux More can be used by all circles because it has many versions according to needs

3. Black Arch

Black Arch is also one of the leading Linux distros besides Kali Linux and Parrot OS. Even though it is often used as an alternative, Black Arch also has features that are no less good than other OS, specifically for hacking and Cyber ​​Security needs. 
First Release : March 30, 2015 
Developer : Levente Polyak 
It has a repository complete with 2812 tools, which can easily install on Black Arch. Has 2 versions, Full Release (for mid-high end specs) and Slim Release (for low end). In the Full Release version, Black Arch has far more complete tools than Kali Linux, but the ISO file of Black Arch Full Release can be up to 15 GB. 

  4. BackBox

BackBox is a Linux distro with more or less the same function as the 3 distributions I discussed earlier. BackBox also has hacking features and tools that are no less complete than other special hacking Linux distros. 
First Release: September 4, 2011 
Developer: Raffaele Forte 
Doesn't use too much RAM Complete anonymity tools compared and already pre-installed

    5. Dracos Linux

Dracos Linux is the only Linux distro originating from Indonesia on the list I will discuss in this article. Dracos Linux is also the pre-eminent Linux distro for several Cyber ​​Security Engineers.

First Release : 27 February 2016

Developers : Zico Ekel and Matias Prasojo

Superiority :
Complete multimedia software
Known as a lightweight Linux distro

Now, of the 5 distros that have been suggested, friends can choose which one is the most comfortable and suitable. But if reported from several surveys and sources, people make Kali Linux their favorite Linux distro, but everyone returns to their tastes. It may be enough for my discussion here in this article. I hope it can be useful for all my friends.

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